Single Processor Multi-Core Servers

CPU Clock RAM Hard Drive Transfer IPs Raid
Intel Xeon E3-1230 3.7GHz 8 GB 1TB Ent. SATA 5 TB Monthly 5 IPv4 Hardware or Software* $120.00 /mo Order
Intel Xeon E3-1271V3 3.8GHz 16 GB 1TB Ent. SATA 5 TB Monthly /29(5 IPv4) Hardware & Software* $135.00 /mo SOLD OUT

Dual Processor Quad-Core Servers

CPU Clock RAM Hard Drive Transfer IPs Raid
2 x L5630 16x2.13GHz 24 GB 1x1TB SATA3 / 240G SSD 10 TB /29(5 IPv4) N/A $120.00 /mo Order
2 x E5-2630L 24x2.0GHz 32 GB 1x1TB SATA 10 TB /29(5 IPv4) N/A $185.00 /mo Waiting
2 x E5-2650 32x2.0GHz 96 GB 4x 2TB SATA 10 TB /29(5 IPv4) Hardware RAID10 + BBU $350.00 /mo SOLD OUT

Frequently asked questions

If something is unclear, we got your back

  • What is the general delivery time?

    Generally we will deliver the dedicated server in 24 hours after we verified your order, however sometimes it might take longer if the order need custom setup. In addition, we may not process deployment on public holidays.

  • What payment method do you accept?

    We accept Credit Cards,Paypal and Alipay. If you would like to pay in other ways like bank transfer/wire, feel free to contact us for payment details.

  • Will my server be DDoS protected?

    2Gbps/50k PPS DDoS protection will be provied for your dedicated servers by default. If you need higher end ddos protection service, please contact Sales for a quote.

  • Do you provide free trial?

    Unfortunately we don't since servers need to be manually racked and setup, however we are always proud to show the test result you would like to know, just contact us and ask for it!

  • Do you allow mailing?

    No we do not. Any mass mailing is not allowed no matter it is legal or not. We have zero telerance policy to spam.

  • Will you remind me before my server expires?

    Yes! We will send you invoice and reminder mails before your server expires, you can also set up subscription to make it automatic in case you forget to pay invoice some day.

Have something other to ask? Contact us and we will get back in 24h!